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Life happens and our needs change. What doesn't change is our desire to have a place to call home. Home is not just a building, but a concept of familiarity and comfort. The desire and need for home doesn't diminish with age, if anything it becomes more important and certainly deserved.

At The Glen Retirement System, we aim to provide a gentle transition for those who choose to move to one of our communities. The environment you will find at The Glen is one that is rich in tradition, progressive in theory, acclaimed in satisfaction, and most importantly... feels like home.

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A Resident-Directed Philosophy

What do the words "RESIDENT-DIRECTED" mean? 
A "resident-directed" philosophy is one that focuses on each resident's individuality by respecting their choices, preserving their dignity and giving them every opportunity to live a purposeful life each and every day.The everyday operations of a community that is "resident-directed" are driven by the residents and carried out by staff members that have been empowered to cater to the special interests and personalities of the individuals they work with each day.

How is a "RESIDENT-DIRECTED" philosophy carried throughout various levels of retirement living?
In all levels of retirement living communication is the most important ingredient in creating an atmosphere in which these values can thrive. Resident council meetings, along with constant conversation with residents, family members and staff are all part of a collaborative effort to make sure each person living in a community has a voice that is not only heard, but truly listened to.  From dining options and decisions about where to make a group day trip…to medical care plans, the opportunities to embrace personal choice and to promote dignity, respect and achieve purposeful living are intertwined in every aspect of daily life.

Why is it so important to you and to us that The Glen offer communities that embrace a "RESIDENT-DIRECTED" philosophy? 
Since 1898, The Glen has been an organization that continuously strives to provide the best possible environment for those we serve. In our efforts to always be ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of retirement living research and trends, we have realized the large impact that this philosophy has on those that we serve. We feel it is the best way to offer the highest quality of care in a compassionate environment that places respect of our residents above all else. In embracing a "resident-directed" philosophy, we have experienced happier and healthier residents.


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