The Glen celebrates decade of specialized memory care in Shreveport

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Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia facility has a unique model

Shreveport, LA – This month, The Glen Retirement System honors the tenth anniversary of The Cottages, two safe and secure memory care homes specifically designed to house seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia in an assisted living environment.

“Ten years ago, The Glen joined the culture change movement of deinstitutionalizing long term care housing. The Cottages at The Glen provide a home-like environment for seniors that reflects our philosophy of resident centered care and the way that care is delivered to residents with various forms of dementia,” CEO and President Debra Williams said. “The purpose of building The Cottages was to fill a void in the continuity-of-care that The Glen offered and to change how that care was provided.

Our goal was to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from dementia related diseases.”

The Cottages, built in 2006, are two separate houses that are home to 15 residents each. Similar to the other culture change projects across the United States, The Cottages replicates key standards, including a small size unit, home layout, and a broadened universal role of the direct care staff.  The Glen continues to be on the forefront of this new standard of senior care for Shreveport.

“Our biggest achievement throughout the 10 years has been to provide the families of the residents support and the ability to navigate through this disease affecting their loved one,” Williams said. “The Glen isn’t limited to just providing housing to the residents. Each month, we offer a Caregivers’ Memory Loss Support Group. Through this group, we foster a relationship between caregivers and health professionals or experts to provide all the information and education they need to cope with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.”

Along with housing, education and support, The Cottages have a robust activities program designed to enrich the lives of the residents with Alzheimer’s Disease. The Glen caters the activities program to reflect a resident’s unique interest, background and needs.

“Our Life Enrichment Directors adapt and simplify past interests of the resident to match their current levels of abilities,” Williams said. “Staff has a big hand in enhancing feelings of self-esteem and improving their quality of life.”

For more information about The Glen, call 798-3500.