The Glen announces Marlene Yu as the September Artist of the Month

Marlene Tseng Yu.

Marlene Tseng Yu. “Fly Over Milky Way” 2003, Galaxy and Milky Way Series, acrylic on canvas, 10 x 18 feet (305 x 549 cm).

Shreveport, LA – Marlene Tseng Yu will be the first artist to kick off the fall 2016 series of The Glen Retirement System’s Artist of the Month with a selection of artwork from Yu’s Forces of Nature Series.

Rainforest Art Foundation Executive Director Stephanie Lusk will speak to residents and the public during an artist reception at 2 p.m. Sept. 23 at The Glen. Lusk will discuss the origin of Forces of Nature Series and how seniors can see the emotions of nature in the artwork. The reception is free and open to the public.

“As a part of The Glen’s mission to enrich the lives of seniors, we were happy and pre to have such a world renown artist show her work at The Glen,” Debra Williams, CEO/President at The Glen, said. “Having Yu exhibit in this community opens a world of new experience to residents without having them leave their home.”

Lusk said she was eager to partner with The Glen as part of the Marlene Yu Museum’s 1UP goal to exhibit artwork outside of the downtown Shreveport location.

Marlene Tseng Yu.

Marlene Tseng Yu. “Forest Snow” 1971, Slow Motion and Floating Series, acrylic on canvas, 5′ x 7′ (152 x 213 cm).

The Forces of Nature Series is a part of the larger goal to make Yu’s art and work accessible to more people, including schools and retirement living communities, such as The Glen. Yu, a native of Taiwan and participant in the New York City art scene for much of her life, founded the Rainforest Art Foundation to raise environmental awareness through art. She is now honored by the Marlene Yu Museum in downtown Shreveport, one of the few museums in the nation dedicated to preserving and curating the work of a single artist.

The Forces of Nature Series is Yu’s major series spanning over 50 years of work, that relate to natural disasters and the elements.

Learn more about The Glen’s Artist of the Month by calling 318-798-3500. For more information on the Marlene Yu Museum, go to the museum’s website at