The Glen’s Management Team and Board of Directors work hand in hand to oversee day to day management, honor the rich history of The Glen, and ensure that The Glen remains at the forefront of our industry and a vital part of the local community.

Management Team

Debra Williams
President & Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl Foster
Director of The Stiles Apartments

Libby Kirkpatrick
Director of The Cottages

Michelle Greer
Administrator of Village Health Care

Susan Skinner
Director of Human Resources

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Board of Directors

2017-2018 Officers

Rhonda Anglin
Chairman of The Board

Connie Posner
First Vice Chairman

Debbie Schofield
Second Vice Chairman

Marti Westmoreland

Linda Bundrick

2017-2018 Directors

Susan P. Adams

Sylvia Adams

Nanette Beach

Elli Blaylock

Betsy V. Boze, PhD.

Ann Conrad-Falter

Kyle S. Dobbins

Virginia Israel

Mary Jo Kayser

Sabra Scoggin

Carolyn A. Tillman

Mary Wilbanks

Dianne Winningham